Monday, June 10, 2013


Mac and Sally go to her mother’s apartment for brunch and meet Francesca Fairborne, the down stairs neighbor. Mrs Fairborne is upset because her dog was kidnapped, casually she mentions her husband was taken at the same time.

Mrs. Fairborne gets a ransom note saying that her loved one will be returned for 100,000 dollars. When Mrs Fairborne finds out that mac is the police commissioner she doesn’t want his help. Nothing must interfere with safe return of the Princess Anastasia.

Mac had recently made a big deal about cops not being ticketed for traffic offenses, so when he is stopped by the cops, he insists on being fined.

Now Mac can't drive so Sally ends up having to drive him around. The dog turns up and Mrs Fairborne has to be convinced to go ahead with the ransom, she is not exactly fond of her husband.

Mrs. Fairborne is killed and Sally ends up at a dog show as a decoy for the ransom

This episode reintroduces Sally's eccentric mother, who first appeared in the pilot. She is an Auntie Mame type, Mac's mother isn't introduced for a few seasons and she, in her own way, is just as odd as Sally's mother.

Throughout the series Mac encounters cops who fall all over themselves when Mac reveals he is the commissioner. I'm not sure how realistic that is, I would think the police chief is their real boss. The police commissioner is usually a political appointment and he doesn't solve crimes, but if the show paid attention to that we wouldn't have a series.

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