Friday, June 7, 2013


Mac and Sally are moving from their house in the suburbs to a townhouse, where they will live for the rest of the series. Sally is organized with her packing and she marks every box and barrel with a smiley face.

But, despite her precautions, she is left a barrel that isn’t hers. She opens it and finds a body. But when Mac comes home in answer to Sally's urgent phone call, the barrel is missing.


So the barrel with the body is missing, but also the barrel with Sally’s Aunt Sophie’s china is missing. So it looks like someone got the china and they got the body. The moving company also stores barrels, so Sally thinks a storage barrel with the corpse was sent to the Mcmillans by mistake.

Mac thinks that someone in the shipping company must be involved, because the barrel was removed so quickly. Mac and Enright start to investigate who put a barrel in storage, eventually they turn up a man named Barteloni who is pretending to be dead and several other suspects.

This episode is the first one in their town duplex. Through the series it varies between renting and owning the house. In this episode, they are just leasing the house. In a later episode when a body falls out of the fireplace, they are considering selling. Maybe they started leasing and then buying or it is a inconsistency.

Mildred makes her first actual appearance in this episode, although she was referred to in the pilot. Mac and Sally also come across 2 women from Mac's past, which happens all the time in this series. Mac was supposed to have been a real ladies man before he met Sally. I don't know if this was supposed to be part of the character or it was thrown in because Rock Hudson was gay. Personally, I think it is rather silly.

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