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This western series was a little unusual. Hec Ramsey was a lawman, but he was also sort of a pioneer Crime Scene Investigator (CSI). He was good with a gun but also took fingerprints and conducted scientific tests to look for suspects.

This series was broadcast from 1972 to 1974 on NBC. It was part of the NBC Mystery movie broadcast on Sunday nights. The series alternated with Columbo, McCloud and McMillan and Wife.


Richard Boone as Hec Ramsey
Richard Lenz as Police Chief Oliver B. Stamp
Harry Morgan as Doc Amon Coogan

The series was set in New Prospect, Oklahoma, at the turn of the century. The town was modernizing but there was still a lot of the old West that had survived.
Hec was a legendary lawman and still handy with a six-gun. But he had gotten interested in new criminology and came to town with a case full of forensic equipment. The newly elected Chief of Police Oliver Stamp was inexperienced and wary of his new deputy, the older, more experienced Hec Ramsey.

 In the course of the series the Chief grew to trust and respect Ramsey. Ramsey used his deductive powers and forensic science to solve crimes in their part of Oklahoma. But he was ready to use a gun when it was called for, also. Harry Morgan played the local doctor, who became friendly with Hec and helped him on cases sometimes.

The series didn't last that long, it was actually an odd fit for the mystery series. all of which were contemporary series. McCloud had a cowboy lawman, but it was in present day New York. No other mystery series at the time was set in the past, but the show was actually pretty good and it is rerun sometimes on cable TV.

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