Sunday, March 31, 2013



Guest Stars

Jack Albertson as Police Chief Yeakel
Rene Auberjonois as Mr. Stryker
Kurt Kasznar as Mr Corday
Jonathan Harris as Mr. Wortzel
Herb Edelman as Mr. Constantine
Jonathan harris as Mr. Wortzel

Sally has set up a charity auction at Merryvale antiques and she is working with Mr. Constantine who he does not want any police at his auction house. The business has its own security, so sally calls and gets him to call off the police. But she shouldn't have done that, that night the auction is robbed.

The most valuable piece in the auction is the coffin of Caesarian, son of Caesar and Cleopatra, which is covered with gold and jewels. During the auction all the items are kept in a locked room in the basement and are brought out one at a time by armed guards.

After the auction the police find out that a city utility truck from the water department was used to carry away the coffin. The burglars had gotten near the auction house through tunnels and then blasted a hole through the vault.

An antique clock was being auctioned just before the coffin and it goes for too much money. this leads mac to the conclusion that the bidding was rigged to give someone time to get the coffin out of the building.

There is a big hole in the vault where the items where kept and this leads to a tunnel for the water department. a water department truck was stolen just before the auction and mac is sure this is how the coffin, which was quite heavy, was taken away.

Sally goes to visit Corday at his shop, he was one of the bidders, and he wasn't wearing the hearing aid that he had at the auction. Corday is killed before Mac can question him.

So Mac suspects the bidders on the antique clock and starts to investigate the two bidders, Chief Yaekel suspects Mac's driver, who is a ex-con. Enright and Mac try to figure out how long it would take to carry the coffin out of the auction house.

Here is a good mystery in this episode, but mostly it does a good job of setting up the series. We learn that Mac talks to Sally about all his cases because her father was a former police commissioner.

Enright is becoming Mac's trusted sidekick and the marriage between the title characters is a close and loving one. In the pilot, Sally is young and naive, she gets more mature and confident as the series goes on. There is no Mildred in the episode, although she is mentioned.

This house is in the city, but in the next episode, Mac and Sally are moving out of a house in the suburbs to move to the duplex they will have for the rest of the series. The house is actually Rock Hudson’s and he allowed the pilot to be filmed there.

However in the next episode the couple are moving out of a house in the suburbs into the duplex where they will live for most of the series.

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