Sunday, March 10, 2013



Cherry (Linda Evans) is setting up an exposition for new inventions. She knew Banacek was she was 12 and had a crush on him. The exposition has several exhibits including a dry cleaning laser (invented by Dick Van Patten’s character) and a revolutionary rocket engine. It is much smaller than a regular engine, it is insured for 5 million dollars.

There is a private preview and Carly is there on behalf of the insurance company. There has been a threat to destroy the engine, so it is put inside a plastic cylinder for the viewing. Wardlow, the engine inventor, has invited some people who refused him funding, just the rub their noses in their mistake. They want the engine and the government wants the engine.

Wardlow is rather paranoid. As he is talking about the engine in front of his exhibit. A light falls over on the laser exhibit and the lights go out. When they come back on, the engine has disappeared from the cylinder.

Old Polish Proverbs

If the butterfly had teeth like the tiger it would never make it out of the hanger.
It is harder for the spider to catch the fly than it is for the fly to catch a horse.

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