Sunday, February 17, 2013



Carly’s fiancé, Henry is supervising the loading of a 3 million dollar wedding coach on a cargo ship. It is covered with gold and jewels and being sent to the Shah of Birada. His fiancé, film star, Diana Maitland is in Boston and had supervised the building of the coach. The jewels were mounted by Fratelli Jewelers.

The coach is put in put in a metal cargo container and welded shut. Carly draws a heart on the outside of the container with chalk. Carly and Henry go on to the ship, Molly Pitcher, to watch the loading. A fight breaks out and a truck drives on to the dock while the container is being loaded. But the heart is visible on the side. Carly and Henry later look into the hold and there is a hole cut on the side of the container right in the center of the heart.

Banacek is brought in to find the coach. He goes to visit Diana Maitland and , of course, goes after Banacek! Banacek visits the wood carver and the jewelers in the course of the investigation. He told Henry and Carly they could go on their vacation as planned, but they don’t want to leave Banacek on the investigation.

Old Polish Proverb Even though a man anoint himself with fragrant oils. he can still wind up with a broken face.

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