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Russell is an artist whose master work is called Man in Harmony. It is worth about 3 million dollars and that is what it is insured for. But Collier only paid 5,000 dollars because of an old contract with Russell. Gretel is a ditzy documentary artist who is filming the creation and installation of Man in Harmony. It is an 11 foot high, 3 ton statue. It is installed on a 5 foot pedestal installed in the foyer of Collier’s new building. Collier has a compound full of artists, mostly female and Russell was a former artist. Gretel still works there and she comes on strong to Banacek.

Gretel films the statue going on to the truck, getting into Boston and being set up. Byseker operates the crane and sets the statue up. There is a 2 hour gap between when the statue is put up in the foyer. When Collier draws aside the curtain in front of the statue only the pedestal is still there. Carly gets the assignment to find the statue. Dewitt from the insurance company gives Banacek exactly 2 days to find the statue. Gretel is run off the road to get the footage of the loading of the statue.

There is eventually a ransom note for 500,000 but Collier doesn’t want to pay. He would rather have the money. But the insurance company does pay the ransom.

Old Polish Proverb
Only the centipede can hear all the 100 footsteps of his uncle.

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