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Sally is on an errand and she thinks she is being followed, but she loses the man. However Soup Metzger, who is an old law client of Mac’s from when he was a defense attorney, has come to deliver a warning to Mac and tells Sally to have Mac come meet him when he gets home.

The meeting doesn’t really happen, a man is there along with Soup and the other man is show by Tom, a friend of the McMillans. This is the first of several members of the upper crust of San Francisco that are introduced in this episode. The two things all of them have in common is that they are in financial difficulties and they are going to a costume party that Mac doesn’t not want to attend.

One of the people going to the party has a necklace worth a quarter of a million dollars and she is determined to wear it to the party. Soup was trying to warn Mac about a jewel robbery and this woman’s house was hit the same night, but the necklace was not stolen. Mac has it appraised to make sure it wasn’t switched with a fake, but it’s the real deal and the police chief is convinced they will try again.

So Mac ends up going to the party to be part of the security detail. Just a bit of logic here, Mac is not a cop and has no police experience, although to be fair he did used to be in military intelligence. His costume is very awkward to run in so it was a poor choice and why is the police chief giving him orders anyway? Doesn’t Mac outrank him?

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NBC had a heck of a time finding a fourth detective to round out the Sunday night lineup and this nice fan made video shows the ones they tried to use, only Quincy really took off and it was soon made a weekly series.

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This western series was a little unusual. Hec Ramsey was a lawman, but he was also sort of a pioneer Crime Scene Investigator (CSI). He was good with a gun but also took fingerprints and conducted scientific tests to look for suspects.

This series was broadcast from 1972 to 1974 on NBC. It was part of the NBC Mystery movie broadcast on Sunday nights. The series alternated with Columbo, McCloud and McMillan and Wife.


Richard Boone as Hec Ramsey
Richard Lenz as Police Chief Oliver B. Stamp
Harry Morgan as Doc Amon Coogan

The series was set in New Prospect, Oklahoma, at the turn of the century. The town was modernizing but there was still a lot of the old West that had survived.
Hec was a legendary lawman and still handy with a six-gun. But he had gotten interested in new criminology and came to town with a case full of forensic equipment. The newly elected Chief of Police Oliver Stamp was inexperienced and wary of his new deputy, the older, more experienced Hec Ramsey.

 In the course of the series the Chief grew to trust and respect Ramsey. Ramsey used his deductive powers and forensic science to solve crimes in their part of Oklahoma. But he was ready to use a gun when it was called for, also. Harry Morgan played the local doctor, who became friendly with Hec and helped him on cases sometimes.

The series didn't last that long, it was actually an odd fit for the mystery series. all of which were contemporary series. McCloud had a cowboy lawman, but it was in present day New York. No other mystery series at the time was set in the past, but the show was actually pretty good and it is rerun sometimes on cable TV.

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Mac and Sally go to her mother’s apartment for brunch and meet Francesca Fairborne, the down stairs neighbor. Mrs Fairborne is upset because her dog was kidnapped, casually she mentions her husband was taken at the same time.

Mrs. Fairborne gets a ransom note saying that her loved one will be returned for 100,000 dollars. When Mrs Fairborne finds out that mac is the police commissioner she doesn’t want his help. Nothing must interfere with safe return of the Princess Anastasia.

Mac had recently made a big deal about cops not being ticketed for traffic offenses, so when he is stopped by the cops, he insists on being fined.

Now Mac can't drive so Sally ends up having to drive him around. The dog turns up and Mrs Fairborne has to be convinced to go ahead with the ransom, she is not exactly fond of her husband.

Mrs. Fairborne is killed and Sally ends up at a dog show as a decoy for the ransom

This episode reintroduces Sally's eccentric mother, who first appeared in the pilot. She is an Auntie Mame type, Mac's mother isn't introduced for a few seasons and she, in her own way, is just as odd as Sally's mother.

Throughout the series Mac encounters cops who fall all over themselves when Mac reveals he is the commissioner. I'm not sure how realistic that is, I would think the police chief is their real boss. The police commissioner is usually a political appointment and he doesn't solve crimes, but if the show paid attention to that we wouldn't have a series.

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Mac and Sally are moving from their house in the suburbs to a townhouse, where they will live for the rest of the series. Sally is organized with her packing and she marks every box and barrel with a smiley face.

But, despite her precautions, she is left a barrel that isn’t hers. She opens it and finds a body. But when Mac comes home in answer to Sally's urgent phone call, the barrel is missing.


So the barrel with the body is missing, but also the barrel with Sally’s Aunt Sophie’s china is missing. So it looks like someone got the china and they got the body. The moving company also stores barrels, so Sally thinks a storage barrel with the corpse was sent to the Mcmillans by mistake.

Mac thinks that someone in the shipping company must be involved, because the barrel was removed so quickly. Mac and Enright start to investigate who put a barrel in storage, eventually they turn up a man named Barteloni who is pretending to be dead and several other suspects.

This episode is the first one in their town duplex. Through the series it varies between renting and owning the house. In this episode, they are just leasing the house. In a later episode when a body falls out of the fireplace, they are considering selling. Maybe they started leasing and then buying or it is a inconsistency.

Mildred makes her first actual appearance in this episode, although she was referred to in the pilot. Mac and Sally also come across 2 women from Mac's past, which happens all the time in this series. Mac was supposed to have been a real ladies man before he met Sally. I don't know if this was supposed to be part of the character or it was thrown in because Rock Hudson was gay. Personally, I think it is rather silly.

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Guest Stars

Jack Albertson as Police Chief Yeakel
Rene Auberjonois as Mr. Stryker
Kurt Kasznar as Mr Corday
Jonathan Harris as Mr. Wortzel
Herb Edelman as Mr. Constantine
Jonathan harris as Mr. Wortzel

Sally has set up a charity auction at Merryvale antiques and she is working with Mr. Constantine who he does not want any police at his auction house. The business has its own security, so sally calls and gets him to call off the police. But she shouldn't have done that, that night the auction is robbed.

The most valuable piece in the auction is the coffin of Caesarian, son of Caesar and Cleopatra, which is covered with gold and jewels. During the auction all the items are kept in a locked room in the basement and are brought out one at a time by armed guards.

After the auction the police find out that a city utility truck from the water department was used to carry away the coffin. The burglars had gotten near the auction house through tunnels and then blasted a hole through the vault.

An antique clock was being auctioned just before the coffin and it goes for too much money. this leads mac to the conclusion that the bidding was rigged to give someone time to get the coffin out of the building.

There is a big hole in the vault where the items where kept and this leads to a tunnel for the water department. a water department truck was stolen just before the auction and mac is sure this is how the coffin, which was quite heavy, was taken away.

Sally goes to visit Corday at his shop, he was one of the bidders, and he wasn't wearing the hearing aid that he had at the auction. Corday is killed before Mac can question him.

So Mac suspects the bidders on the antique clock and starts to investigate the two bidders, Chief Yaekel suspects Mac's driver, who is a ex-con. Enright and Mac try to figure out how long it would take to carry the coffin out of the auction house.

Here is a good mystery in this episode, but mostly it does a good job of setting up the series. We learn that Mac talks to Sally about all his cases because her father was a former police commissioner.

Enright is becoming Mac's trusted sidekick and the marriage between the title characters is a close and loving one. In the pilot, Sally is young and naive, she gets more mature and confident as the series goes on. There is no Mildred in the episode, although she is mentioned.

This house is in the city, but in the next episode, Mac and Sally are moving out of a house in the suburbs to move to the duplex they will have for the rest of the series. The house is actually Rock Hudson’s and he allowed the pilot to be filmed there.

However in the next episode the couple are moving out of a house in the suburbs into the duplex where they will live for most of the series.

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There is a magic show being put on for charity. Bradley Merrick is doing an disappearing trunk trick with his daughter. The daughter is put in the trunk and at the end of the trick, she is out of the trunk and her father is in it. She gets out of the trunk, but when they open it up he is not in it. The police at the theater to arrest him for 1.75 million in disappearing securities.

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A plane is flying from La to Philadelphia and 2 engines fail. At first, they contact Las Vegas for an emergency landing, but a man comes on the radio. He says Hankston Field is nearer and , as a former Air Force base, is suitable for landing.

The 3 man flight crew and 2 flight attendants (one played by Victoria Principal) land safely and are met by Charlie Tyson, the man on the radio. He takes the women and 2 of the flight crew into town to a motel for the night. The flight engineer, Walt, stays with the plane. He calls the charter owner, then grabs a soda from the machine in front of the airport and that is the last time he is seen alive.

He is found the next morning at the airport dead and the plane is missing. Charlie Tyson has also disappeared.

Old Polish Proverb
When the wolf is chasing your sleigh, throw him a raisin cookie. But don’t stop to bake him a cake.
A truly wise man never plays leapfrog with a unicorn.

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Cherry (Linda Evans) is setting up an exposition for new inventions. She knew Banacek was she was 12 and had a crush on him. The exposition has several exhibits including a dry cleaning laser (invented by Dick Van Patten’s character) and a revolutionary rocket engine. It is much smaller than a regular engine, it is insured for 5 million dollars.

There is a private preview and Carly is there on behalf of the insurance company. There has been a threat to destroy the engine, so it is put inside a plastic cylinder for the viewing. Wardlow, the engine inventor, has invited some people who refused him funding, just the rub their noses in their mistake. They want the engine and the government wants the engine.

Wardlow is rather paranoid. As he is talking about the engine in front of his exhibit. A light falls over on the laser exhibit and the lights go out. When they come back on, the engine has disappeared from the cylinder.

Old Polish Proverbs

If the butterfly had teeth like the tiger it would never make it out of the hanger.
It is harder for the spider to catch the fly than it is for the fly to catch a horse.

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Oxford Don is a famous race horse who is being sold for stud. He is training for his last race and the press is there. His owner taught him a trick which he does for the reporters. Then he goes out on the track.

On the way back to the stable the horse seems to be painted, it is running from the sweat from the workout. It looks like he was taken while he was on the track and the jockey disappears later. This takes place in California and Banacek is eventually called in. The horse owner and one of the trainers are female and both seem to like Banacek, of course.

Only someone with nothing to be sorry about smiles back at the rear of an elephant.
The chicken that clucks the loudest is the one most likely to go to the steam-fitters picnic.


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The missing item is a 1.5 million dollar chalice with rare writing on it. It was change what is known about ancient civilizations. It is being displayed at a private museum showing.

It is in a curtained alcove and as soon as the curtains are drawn a nearby display falls and distracts everybody's attention. And when they turn back the chalice is gone.

Eric Braeden plays the museum curator and Cesar Romero is the one who sold the chalice to the museum. There are a few people who want the chalice, including the man who owned it before Cesar Romero's character. Carly is also on the trail of the chalice.

Though the hippopotomus has no stinger in his tail, the wise man would rather be sat on by the bee.
A duck with 3 wings and a loaf of bread is brother to the turkey.


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Carly’s fiancĂ©, Henry is supervising the loading of a 3 million dollar wedding coach on a cargo ship. It is covered with gold and jewels and being sent to the Shah of Birada. His fiancĂ©, film star, Diana Maitland is in Boston and had supervised the building of the coach. The jewels were mounted by Fratelli Jewelers.

The coach is put in put in a metal cargo container and welded shut. Carly draws a heart on the outside of the container with chalk. Carly and Henry go on to the ship, Molly Pitcher, to watch the loading. A fight breaks out and a truck drives on to the dock while the container is being loaded. But the heart is visible on the side. Carly and Henry later look into the hold and there is a hole cut on the side of the container right in the center of the heart.

Banacek is brought in to find the coach. He goes to visit Diana Maitland and , of course, goes after Banacek! Banacek visits the wood carver and the jewelers in the course of the investigation. He told Henry and Carly they could go on their vacation as planned, but they don’t want to leave Banacek on the investigation.

Old Polish Proverb Even though a man anoint himself with fragrant oils. he can still wind up with a broken face.

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Mrs. Lyle is a rich, paranoid hypochondriac. She thinks she will die soon and basically lives at a medical pavilion. She has paid 2.5 million dollars for a state of the art medical computer to help diagnose her illness. It is ready to be started up and she goes to see it. It is in a building by itself surrounded by electrified barbed wire.

But when she goes in to see it all that is left is wires. Anne Baxter plays Mrs. Lyle and Richard Jordan plays her gigolo boyfriend. Carly is also working on the case, but Mrs. Lyle hates her because she is young and will have nothing to do with her.

OLD POLISH PROVERB No matter how warm the smile on the face of the sun the cat still has her kittens under the porch.

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Russell is an artist whose master work is called Man in Harmony. It is worth about 3 million dollars and that is what it is insured for. But Collier only paid 5,000 dollars because of an old contract with Russell. Gretel is a ditzy documentary artist who is filming the creation and installation of Man in Harmony. It is an 11 foot high, 3 ton statue. It is installed on a 5 foot pedestal installed in the foyer of Collier’s new building. Collier has a compound full of artists, mostly female and Russell was a former artist. Gretel still works there and she comes on strong to Banacek.

Gretel films the statue going on to the truck, getting into Boston and being set up. Byseker operates the crane and sets the statue up. There is a 2 hour gap between when the statue is put up in the foyer. When Collier draws aside the curtain in front of the statue only the pedestal is still there. Carly gets the assignment to find the statue. Dewitt from the insurance company gives Banacek exactly 2 days to find the statue. Gretel is run off the road to get the footage of the loading of the statue.

There is eventually a ransom note for 500,000 but Collier doesn’t want to pay. He would rather have the money. But the insurance company does pay the ransom.

Old Polish Proverb
Only the centipede can hear all the 100 footsteps of his uncle.

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Captain Jack Seafood is being bought by United Foods and United Foods is printing up some stock certificates. They were going to run off 5 million dollars worth at the Barron Banknote Building. The plates are taken from the vault on the first floor and the engraver and insurance engraver start for the elevator. Just before they get there the elderly engraver collapses. He takes medication and is okay almost immediately.

But in the meantime,the guard with the plates has stepped in to the elevator. The elevator only will stop on the floor with the vault and on the eighth floor for the actual printing. The elevator gets to the eighth floor and there is just the empty case that used to hold the plates. The plates and the guard are missing .The guard is later found unconscious in a vacant field 2 miles form the office. The plates are for negotiable securities , so they are as good as cash. Whoever has them can run off however many they want. They are insured for 2 million or provable loss. Banacek only has the weekend to crack the case.

Old Polish Proverbs

When an owl comes to a mouse picnic it’s not there for the sack races.
Even a thousand Zloti note can’t tap dance.