Monday, June 25, 2012


The Greatest Collection of Them All

The collection is 23 million dollars of impressionist paintings. It has been exhibited for the last year at museums around the country. The exhibit was set up by Gloria Hamilton for the benefit of the Heart Alliance. The paintings are crated up in New York and locked and sealed into wooden packing cases and then strapped and sealed into a truck from Trotter Van Lines.

The paintings are driven to Boston in the truck with a security car in the front and the back. There is a reception waiting for them in Boston. As soon as the crates are unloaded they are taken inside and opened by the chairman of the museum, Mr. Trotter. The first crate he opens is empty and he yells for them to get the truck back. The truck is a couple of blocks away but the security men chase it down.

When all the crates are opened there is one small painting left, a Brock, with an odd sized frame. Mr. Trotter’s son (played by Jamie Farrell) runs Trotter Van Lines and gave Gloria the use of the truck for free. He drove his father out of the business because he was spending too much of the company’s money on cultural donations. Boston Insurance has 6.5 million dollars of the 23 million dollar insurance on the exhibit.

Gloria Hamilton did the entire exhibit as cheaply as she could, and the insurance has a one million dollar deductible that the heart fund would have to pay if the paintings aren’t found. So She is trying very hard to find the paintings on her own. Eventually she joins forces with Banacek, and falls for him, of course

Old Polish Proverb

A Wise Man never tries to warm himself in front of a painting of a fire.

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