Saturday, June 23, 2012


Ten Thousand Dollars a Page

The Tyson Museum is under construction. It is mostly finished and they are setting up the exhibit for The Book of Hours. This is a rare illustrated manuscript from 1562. It is in a room by itself . There is a camera focused on the book and sensors on the book pedestal. If the book is moved then iron doors seal off the room and alarms sound for police to come. There were some successful tests on the system, so the book is put in the exhibit.

A security guard is watching the camera and there is some glare, he thinks it is a fault in the circuit. Suddenly the alarm sounds and several police cars show up. When they open up the sealed room the book is gone.The manuscript is owned by a wealthy, old man who says the book is his most precious possession and he will do anything to get it back. there is a ransom demand but he just gets ashes back.

Old Polish Proverb

Just because the dress is satin doesn’t mean it comes off easy.


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