Thursday, June 21, 2012


To Steal A King

Mr. and Mrs. Markham checked into a security suite at the Stafford, a Boston hotel. They have a briefcase with 10 coins in it. The collection is called the 10 kings. It is being auctioned the next day and Mr. Markham expects it to net 2.5 million to 3 million. It is insured for 2.3 million. They put it in a special safe in the suite. Only Mr. Markham has the combination and it is on a time lock. The next morning, he goes to the safe and opens it and the 10 kings are gone.

There are 3 bidders for the auction; Ms. Clark (Brenda Vacarro) working for the Amsterdam Bank of NY, the Garson brothers, rich, eccentric collectors and Matt Donniger. Donniger is a rich cowboy from Nebraska ( Pernell Roberts) obsessed with proving his family history, he believes Mr. Markham cheated him at an auction. Ms. Clark is a charming liar who helps Banacek on the case.

Old Polish Proverb

A wolf that takes a peasant to supper probably won’t need any breakfast.


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