Friday, June 15, 2012


4 A Million the Hard Way

A Las Vegas casino is showing a million dollars in a rotating display as a publicity gimmick. Margot Kidder plays Linda , a photographer. It is her job to take pictures of people with the money. It is in a sealed dome in 5 stacks of 1,000 dollar bills. Only the head of the casino, Mr. Leland and the casino owner, a Howard Hughes type can get into the display.

Linda is photographing a couple and suddenly someone wins on the oversized slot machine, Big Betty. She rushes over to take a photograph, but the man doesn’t want his photo taken. He is with a woman, probably not his wife.

So she goes back to the money and starts to take a photo. But the display is empty. Banacek is called in by the casino owner. There is already an insurance investigator there who tells him there is no evidence of tampering on Big Betty.


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  2. Am I crazy, or was that a cameo by the real Howard Hughes at the end of the episode? Or just an actor who looked exactly like him? He asks Banacek for a light of his smoke at the airport as they are leaving Vegas.