Saturday, May 5, 2012

McMillan and Wife series description

McMillan and Wife was part of the NBC mystery line up. at first it was part of the Wedensday night mystery movie, then part of the Sunday night mystery movie. this series ran from 1971 to 1977. the mystery movie had several different mystery shows that rotated each week. so there were only about 7 McMillan and wife each year. this enabled them to take their time making the shows and ensured good quality.

i believe this series hold up pretty well. some of the clothes and hairstyles are just awful, but the characters are great. Stuart McMillan (Rock Hudson) and Sally McMillan ( Susan Saint James) were a recently married couple. Mac is quite a bit older than Sally. he used to be an attorney and now he is the police commissioner of San Francisco.

Mildred (Nancy Walker) used to work for Sally's mother, but when Sally married, Mildred went with her. Sgt. Enright ( John Schuck) is mac's assistant. both these characters often serve as comic relief for the show.


This show was a stylish ,sophisticated mystery series. The body count was pretty high among the friends of the McMillans but that didn't matter, i watched it for the wonderful relationship between Mac and Sally. I thought they had a great marriage ( I know Rock Hudson was gay, but he was such a good actor that i believed he adored Sally)

Mildred was also a wonderful character; loyal, sarcastic and funny. even Enright had his moments. they sure drank a lot on the show and twice they found a body in their house (and they didn't move!!!) also the police commissioner doesn't actually solve crimes, and certainly not with his wife's help.

in the last year, they killed off Sally and Mildred left, so the series didn't end well. they should of just stopped at season 5 with Sally alive. At the end of season 1 Sally was pregnant but she didn't actually have a baby until season 5 and they never explained it. Also, the baby, it was a boy, was never given a name. So there were some continuity errors on the show, but it is still a pretty enjoyable one.

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