Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Banacek Season 1 Episode 2


What is missing in the episode is a Experimental Safety Vehicle. This is a extremely safe car that was made for a contest. The first company to produce a safe car is being offered 15 million dollars for the rights to the car by Horizon car company in Detroit. The car is being transferred from Middlefield to Boston on the way to Detroit and is traveling by railroad car.

The car is strapped down on a flatbed and covered with a tarp. The open car is in between 2 boxcars. There are several guards on the train and the train makes no stops. However, when the train gets to Boston the flatcar is missing.

An obnoxious insurance investigator, Joe Thandenhurst is assigned the case and he hates Banacek. The investigator tells Banacek that the train didn’t stop at all. It was 40 to 45 mph all the way and there were no sidings. R and W m developed the car, the Phoenix and Horizon Engineering is the only company that would benefit from the disappearance.

Their car is in competition to get the prize. There is a rivalry between the companies and they steal each other’s employees. Christine Burton used to work for Horizon and was hired by R and W 2 years ago. She was caught on the way out of the factory with a full set of blueprints and was fired. Banacek goes to meet her, she is a definite suspect. She thinks Banacek is a sexist pig, but starts to warm up to him.The car is insured for 5 million dollars. There are a several suspects, but no way that the car could be stolen, until Banacek figures it out.

Old Polish Proverb

Read the whole library my son, but the cheese will still smell after 4 days. (Banacek's explanation no matter how much you know natural laws are natural laws)

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