Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snoop Sisters

Snoop Sisters was part of the NBC Mystery Movie lineup for only one season, 1973-1974. The series was part of the Wednesday and Tuesday night Mystery movie series, the other shows were Banacek , Faraday and Company and Tenafly. All the series, except for Banacek were quickly cancelled. Only 4 episodes were made of this series, but I still remember it fondly. The heroines, 2 elderly sisters, were game for anything and kept getting involved in mysteries.


Helen Hayes played Ernesta Snoop

Mildred Natwick played Gwen Snoop

Lou Antonio played Barney, the sister’s chauffeur

Bert Convy played police detective Steve Ostrowski

Mildred Natwick was also a part ofMcMillan and Wife, another part of the NBC Mystery Movie lineup. She played Commissioner McMillan’s eccentric, widowed mother.

Natwick and Hayes had made a movie for ABC in which they weren’t the Snoop sisters but they were amateur detectives. The movie, Do Not Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate, was successful and may have served as an unofficial pilot to the Snoop Sisters.

Ernesta and Gwen Snoop were very successful mystery writers, but they were not content to just write or enjoy retirement. The sisters became involved in real life mysteries, using the experience they gained writing their books , to search for clues. The series was set in New York City.

Barney was their loyal chauffeur, who helped them with their cases and served as an unofficial bodyguard. Steve Ostrowski was the sister’s nephew and was sucked into their cases.

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